Choosing Your Gym

Choosing Your Gym

So you’ve zeroed in on the gym of your choice. Do you know what rules to obey and what etiquette to follow while working out? Here are some tips to help you mind your manners in the gym:

  • Stick to the time: Especially when the gym is crowded. Even otherwise, abide by your stipulated time and don’t linger unnecessarily on any machine. Over training may do you more harm, than good.
  • Clean up: Treat the gym as you would treat your own house. Don’t litter it with towels, headbands, newspapers or magazines.
  • Keep your eyes on yourself: Though you may be tempted to admire your neighbor’s biceps and triceps, refrain from doing so. His age, weight and exercise level is not your concern – at least inside the gym. In fact, most people dislike the invasion of their privacy, while they work out.
  • Don’t talk: Don’t treat the gym as your local cafeteria. It is not a place to socialize or to indulge in gossip. Always keep your goal in mind and work towards that while completing your full body workout in Midtown NYC.

In addition to all this, you need to remember one golden rule before you hit that stepper: Warm up and Cool down. Always have a warm-up of about 8-10 minutes. This will lubricate your body and gradually increase your body temperature, preparing it for further activity. And after you finish, cool down. This allows your body to come back to its normal level.

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