Introduction to Property Management

Introduction to Property Management

Florida Estate Management specialises in the protection of vacant property.
We do this using the unique “ Solution”, a method that involves occupying your
building for the period that it is vacant. In this way we protect property against the risks
of vandalism, dereliction and squatting. Since it was established, almost a decade ago,
has proven itself to be a highly professional organisation.
We operate throughout England, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The key to our success is simple…

Leaving your property standing empty has a negative effect on its value. Empty properties
are attractive to vandals, tramps and squatters. Windows are easily smashed; graffiti is
sprayed on the walls and, as often as not, significant damages can also be sustained to
the interior of the building. In addition to the risks of vandalism, break-ins and unwanted visitors,
vacant properties needed regular supervision to ensure that they remain in good order technically.
The passing of time can often lead to unpleasant surprises such as burst water pipes, roof leaks and
similar weather damages.  Property Management protects your temporarily vacant property by giving it an “occupied” status – on an equally temporary basis.

has a team of responsible guardians who, through temporarily occupying your property, combat the risks and threats facing vacant buildings. Because we select these people so carefully, we are able to identify the most appropriate “guardians” for your property. That could be an empty office building or a church, a town hall or a school. Even for buildings that don’t seem to offer the possibility for occupation such as cinemas or warehouses,  can offer you a solution for the protection of your property. The  Solution is an extremely EFFECTIVE way to ensure the safe keeping of your building. When you compare our low management fee with the cost of security guards, height insurance premiums and repairing long-standing damages, you’ll see that the solution offered by  is also extremely ECONOMICAL. In choosing for  Estate Management in Florida you are temporarily freed from all daily worries relating to the management of your property. Leaving you able to concentrate on your core activities, and the future of the building. It’s that EASY.

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