Plastic Storage Containers!

Plastic Storage Containers!

Maximize your storage space with our impressive line of plastic storage containers! Plastic Drawers are available for table tops and come in slim and wide varieties. We carry everything from boxes with lids to clear file boxes, from stacking boxes to boxes with wheels, from cargo boxes to photo and media boxes. Containers are available for office, home, and miscellaneous items. High impact closet drawers, stacking plastic storage drawers, and stacking boxes are popular in any setting. We provide kitchen containers such as food storage Tupperware, pie keepers, cake keepers, and stackable water dispensers. Sliding drawers are great for under the cabinet storage, garage storage, and craft room storage. For the more colorful alternative browse through our Pandan and vinyl Lookers box collection. Protect photographs in cardboard, plastic, wood, and coaster frames and boxes.

Garage organizers keep your tools, golf clubs, ski equipment, all types of sports equipment in its place. We carry garage organizers, sports racks and organizers, storage racks, garage shelving and everything needed to clean up your garage! See our entire line of Garage Organizers. We have a wide range garage organizer boxes, all sizes of storage racks – even ceiling and rafter racks to provide extra organizing space where needed. If you feel like remodeling your entire garage try ourĀ self-storageĀ units in Washington DC.

The ultimate car organizer! A lid sturdy enough to be a clipboard, complete with a one-handed spring-clamp, a handy letter holder, and lid-sides that flip up to prevent pens–or breakfast–from rolling off. The wipe-clean interior is large and has three fully adjustable dividers to meet any organization of papers, videos, CDs, tapes, etc. Easy-access exterior pockets are fitted to hold phones, PDAs, glasses, pens, etc. Snap or unsnap it to your seatbelt in just seconds keeping it safely on your passenger seat, or ready to move out of the way.

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